The mobile application

Smart phone charging stations
Configurable challenges and graphic interface

An attractive and fun experience

Communication operations become more efficient when paired with an attractive and fun experience.

  • A free mobile app for ILO users to meter the amount of power generated
  • Tailored graphic interface and content
  • Fully customisable challenges

A digital and eco-responsible solution

In compliance with best practices, you can send a personalised email to all ILO users. The collected user data will not be transferred to third parties and the app is not available to minors under 15.

Creating a special relationship with your ILO users

Tailored challenges

The app authorises a great variety of challenges and allows for a smooth implementation.

Useful tips to make your challenges a success:

  • Simple and clear rules
  • A clear link with your action programme
  • Incentivising rewards that are consistent with your messages

Useful tip: run several challenges throughout the year in connection with your action programme

A bespoke application

Pick your graphic design from 3 colours and visuals. Set target values for your challenges and draft content that uses your key messages. Send us your updates as your actions progress.

The app is configured from our ‘back office’. The app immediately applies your settings.
ILO users log on to the relevant stations, take part in the challenges and view your messages.


Is the mobile app available to everyone?

Who can organise a challenge?

Can I access user data?

How is the data collected by the mobile app managed?