The mobile application

A mobile app to enhance the experience of all those who use our fully human powered phone charging stations

Download "ilo by Ludikenergie"

All our ILO stations come fitted with a Bluetooth meter compatible with the bespoke mobile app. This free device allows ILO users to meter their energy production and to compare it with other ILO users. The application can be customised for your needs and can be an original way of interacting with all your stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, citizens or students…

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Smart charging stations

Enhancing the user experience with a fun application

While charging their phone, ILO users can display the power produced in real time and see aggregate production over several sessions.

Interacting with your device users

Send a personalised email to each of your ILO users with congratulations and rewards, in line with best data protection practices and GDPR rules.

Measuring equipment use

Display the energy production stats for each charging station to better identify usage and habits.

A special relationship with your ILO users

Setting up your own challenges

Choose a theme (energy, health, mobility, etc.) and create your own challenges. You can display score tables and monitor your challenges in real time.

Customising your app

Customise the app to fit your company and direct ILO users to your own content, with details of your actions and values.