A French-built solution

The ILO charging stations are made in France by Ludik Energie, an events management agency specialising in environmental themes.

A unique product

A player

The ILO stations are designed by Ludik Energie, an agency designing communication solutions on ecological transition themes.

A project

Our idea was to turn phone recharging into a fun activity while conveying positive values.

Our vision

By generating their own electricity, phone users can feel truly self-sufficient and extend the experience within an engaged community.

“When Matthieu asked me to design ILO, I set out to create an object that would blend into its environment. I chose a metal casing for robustness and safety outdoors. The shape is based on an origami-style folded metal sheet”.

Bérengère Amiot, designer of the ilo charging stations

A local manufacturing process

Assembled on our premises

To guarantee the quality of our product, the components are assembled by our teams in our workshop in Rennes.

Quality and solidarity

Electric component assembly is outsourced to Bretagne Atelier, a disability-friendly business combining social inclusiveness with industrial performance.

Local networks

Our main service providers are located within a radius of 20 kilometres, which minimises the impact of transport in the manufacturing process.