Outdoor charging stations

Outdoor phone charging stations. Parks, public areas, sports areas, universities, camp sites, holiday camps and centres, etc.

Innovative outdoor facilities

Installing innovative facilities outdoors plays a major role in a site’s attractiveness. To be successful, they must meet the technical constraints of intensive use without shelter or monitoring.

  • Wireless installation
  • Robust casing and USB connectors, anti-theft fasteners
  • Splash guards and individual standby ventilation system

Rugged casings

The outdoor version is made of 4 mm thick powder-coated steel panels. The corrosion resistant housing is designed for a permanent outdoor installation. The optional vibrated crude stainless steel finish improves the surface’s scratch resistance.

Opt for sustainable innovation!

How to combine it with your seats?

The outdoor stations are compatible with most outdoor seat formats and with the most standard urban furniture. Create your own unique combinations according to your inspiration and possibilities (design, eco-friendly, sporty, fun, etc.).
Our tips for a lasting and optimum experience:

  • Use seats or benches with backrests
  • Choose comfortable seats
  • Take the general appearance and harmony of the materials into consideration

Useful tip: use your existing facilities and update them with a controlled budget

Quick installation process

To secure the stations to the ground, steel bases are fastened to a concrete floor or equivalent. Otherwise, create a 10 cm thick concrete pad where the stations are to be installed. Then secure the station to the base.

To start using it, just connect the USB cable, sit in your seat and start pedalling.

You generate electricity in just a few seconds and charge up to 3 phones at once.


Wondering how to install the ILO outdoors. Below are answers based on our own and our customers’ feedback.

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