Customised casings

Customised colours and stickers

Bespoke ILO stations

Colour to catch the eye and stickers for communication

  • Casing colours can be customised to fit your brand or your interior decoration
  • There is room for your own messages via stickers that we will print and position on the station

Your customised powder-coated colour coating

For shorter production times, this coating and metal protection process is performed in France by our partner. The paint contains no solvent or toxic compounds.

Vibrant phone charging stations

Colours to charge up with energy!

We have primarily selected vibrant and positive colours to boost your areas.
The powder paint used for the powder-coating process contains no solvent or toxic compounds.
Five colour ambiances to pick from:

  • Let the sun shine into your daily life with yellow
  • Boost your areas with bright orange
  • Energise the atmosphere with water blue
  • Soothe your environment with purple
  • Create a neutral atmosphere with grey

Want other colours? Optionally, you can pick from a wide Classic RAL colour palette.

Harmonious communication

Without affecting the object’s visual aspect and design, we offer a covering on the top surface. This section offers great visibility to convey messages. We take care of the sticker production and sticking operations.

In the template supplied, many options are available, such as letter cut-outs and colour patch. The covering is in adhesive vinyl, with a UV protection for greater resistance.


Wondering how to customise your ILO stations? Below are answers based on our own and our customers’ feedback.

What finishes are available?

What manufacturing lead times apply for a specific colour?

Who designs the artwork for the stickers?